Product Feature: bioSpot
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

bioSpot Protection Against Fleas and Ticks Fleas and ticks are everywhere. Are you fully protecting your cat - and your home?

Did you know that...
For every flea that you see on your cat, there are likely to be hundreds of eggs and larvae in your home and yard.
Fleas love warm environments, and especially love hidey-holes where your cat may spend a lot of time, such as beds, under furniture, and closets.
We like new and improved Bio Spot Defense Flea & Tick Spot On® for Cats because it combines the proven IGR methoprene with an effective adulticide and can be applied in one easy step.

Bio Spot Defense Flea & Tick Spot On® for Cats

Four safe bets for protection against fleas
Use this system of products for a multi-level approach to flea and tick control - on your cat and in her environment - all from bioSPOT.

SPOT ON® - Apply SPOT ON® to a small area on your cat's back for 30-day protection. (Do not use with the Flea and Tick Spray.)
Spray - Use Flea and Tick Spray on your cat for up to 2 months of protection. (Do not use with bioSpot SPOT ON®.)
Powder - Sprinkle on rugs, furniture and carpets to kill both adult and juvenile forms of fleas. Its protection lasts up to 12 months!
Fogger - Room Fogger offers advanced household protection when you have a troubling infestation in your home.

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