Thunderstorm Phobia: How to Reduce Fear
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Calm Your Dog During Storms

WITH WARM WEATHER comes the familiar boom of thunder. Does your dog panic at the slightest hint of a thunderstorm? If so, you're not alone. Thunderstorm-phobia is a common problem among dogs. If your dog exhibits any of the following behaviors during storms, you may have a thunderstorm-phobic pet:

Hiding     Chewing
Panting Jumping
Trying to escape Pacing
Trembling or shaking Vocalizing

If these undesirable behaviors sound familiar, take heart; in many instances this fear can be managed and reduced.

For mild phobias, try dog appeasing pheromones (D.A.P.), a pheromone similar to that which a mother dog releases to calm and soothe her puppies. D.A.P. comes in convenient and safe plug-in forms for at-home use or sprays when you're traveling. Ease canine stress with Ultra-Calm® Tablets or Chews, which should go wherever your pet goes. These healthy dog treats are formulated to support calm behavior.

A crate or kennel gives your anxious dog a quiet, secure place to retreat during storms. The crate can be covered with a blanket to offer your dog even more security. It's important to leave the crate door open during storms so your dog can exit freely. This will help prevent injury to your dog and damage to the kennel if he gets too stressed. The Compass Kennel will give him a safe and secure place to wait out a storm.

Remember to remain calm and, above all, don't reward your dog when he shows signs of fear, this will only reinforce fearful behavior.


Thundershirt™ for Dogs

Thundershirt™ for Dogs

Ultra-Calm® Soft Chewables

Drs. Foster & Smith Ultra-Calm® Soft Chewables

Compass Kennels

Compass Kennels

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