Decoration Maintenance & Care
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Artificial plants and aquarium décor instantly beautify your aquarium environment and help create an underwater world of wonder. Many aquarists choose artificial plants and décor for a variety of reasons. But perhaps the most desirable benefit is their ease of care.

Beautiful and low-maintenance aquarium décor
Try placing decorations in different locations each time you clean. Your fish will enjoy exploring their new setup and you can enjoy creating new nooks and crannies for them to discover. The possibilities are endless and you’ll never have to have the same setup twice!
Artificial plants, driftwood, and similar décor deliver a visually appealing aquascape, while supplying aquarium inhabitants much needed shelter. They require no special lighting, no special substrate, and no supplements. Aquarium decorations are also a great way to disguise unsightly plumbing. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive compared to their live counterparts and offer fuss-free maintenance.

Keep your aquarium looking its best
To maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment for you and a healthy environment for your aquarium inhabitants, it is important to set a few minutes aside each month to clean aquarium decorations.

Keep maintenance hassle-free
Aquarium decoration cleaning does not have to be a burden or take a lot of time. With the right tools and few minutes once a month, your aquarium will thrive.

Dr. Tim's Re-Fresh Sparkling Aquarium Conditioner employs beneficial bacterial to eliminate organic build up from décor and aquarium surfaces. If stubborn algae is present on artificial plants, aquarium decorations, or equipment, use an aquarium scrubber to loosen and remove it. Be sure to unplug equipment such as filters, bubble makers, heaters, etc., before you remove decorations from your aquarium.

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I have a freshwater aquarium filled with artificial aquarium decorations. Do I need to clean the decorations? If so, how often?
In order to keep your aquarium looking its best and keep fish healthy,
you should clean your decorations on a monthly basis.