Combination Chemical Filter Media
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Upgrade Aquarium Filtration with Combination Chemical Filter Media
Azoo Active Filter Media Balls
Upgrade Aquarium Filtration with Combination Chemical Filter Media
Aquarium filter media are usually grouped into three basic categories: mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. However, innovative new products that defy these conventional groupings are being developed. Novel, hybrid filter media are becoming more common as aquarium hobbyists expect more from their equipment and filter media.

How do ion exchange resins work?
Ion exchange media draw charged compounds like a magnet and exchange them with less harmful ones. These media
effectively filter your aquarium water by attracting and removing specific compounds harmful to aquatic life. Some attract ammonia or nitrite and some remove dissolved organics.
Single task media is a thing of the past
Filter media that perform double-duty are not new. Conventional "multi-taskers," such as sponge filter media and porous ceramic media, provide both biological and supplementary mechanical filtration. Activated carbon provides excellent chemical filtration and doubles as biological filter media. These products perform their main filtration function very well but, simply put, the new generation of filter media are designed to do much more.

Added benefits: Simple upgrades for superior water quality
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There are many examples of new combination filter media, but Azoo Active Filter Media Balls stand out for their unusual combined properties. Made from a special, lightweight porous material, Active Filter Media Balls have the beneficial features of bio-media, chemical media, nutrient/mineral supplements, and water conditioners.

Calcium & Magnesium Ion naturally supplement minerals essential for stable pH in marine aquariums, while Far Infrared-Rays Filter Balls apply the therapeutic properties of far infrared minerals to invigorate and improve fish metabolism. Anion Active Filter Media has antioxidant properties to help neutralize harmful charged compounds, such as free radicals, while Silver Ion Active Filter Media contains real silver to minimize microbial pathogen growth. Together, these four filter media significantly improve water quality to enhance the overall health and vitality of aquarium fish.