Indulge Her Instincts
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Indulge her Instincts
Healthy Hunts
Born out of the great hunts of wild ancestors, play stimulates intellect, burns calories, and develops physical coordination and balance. It helps your cat socialize with other cats and humans, teaches survival skills, and helps relieve boredom, obesity, loneliness, and stress. Even the most sedentary cats will enjoy play if properly challenged. Play is not only fun but also the gateway to good mental and physical health.

Cat Challenges
Basically, cat toys fall into two categories. Play-alone toys run the gamut from catnip-filled balls to laser toys that light up randomly from a stand-alone base. They are great for active cats that initiate their own play. Play-together toys are those you, the owner, must jiggle, twitch, or fling in front of kitty to encourage her to play. We especially recommend play-together toys, for they can help increase the bond you and your cat share.

Toy Tips
Most cats do not fetch toys in the way dogs will. In fact, to entice the best play from your cat, choose toys that mimic the start-and-stop, hide-and-seek, give-and-take elements of natural hunts. Toys that seem to respond to your cat's pats, pounces, and bats entice further play as your cat tries to overcome the toy. The hunt should never be too easy - but your cat should always win.

FroliCatâ„¢ Bolt and Dart Laser Cat Toys
FroliCatâ„¢ Bolt and Dart Laser Cat Toys
has an automatic
rotating laser for
your cat to pounce.
Da Bird Wand Toys
Da Bird Wand Toys
let you wiggle a
toy insect in front
of your cat.
Peek-A-Prize Toy Box
Peek-A-Prize Toy Box
Tantalize your cat's instinct to hunt! Toys peek out, but can your cat free the prize?

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