Dewormer Daily Horse Supplements Overview
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Equine Daily Dewormer Supplement Product Chart
For most horse owners, daily deworming is a vital component of effective parasite control. In fact, when used in conjunction with a rotational deworming regimen, the use of medicated feed additives may be the simplest way to help prevent parasite re-infestation. Daily dewormers - commonly referred to as "wormers" - work to continually rid your horse of parasite larvae before they migrate into body tissues and begin to damage internal organs. They are also easy to use - simply add the recommended amount to your horse's daily grain ration. It is important, however, that your horse consumes the recommended dose everyday. Missed doses decrease dewormer levels in your horse's system and greatly decrease the wormer's effectiveness.

Wormer Unique Benefits # of

(up to*)
% Pyrantel
Form Base Helps Control
Equi Aid CW Economically priced at around 30-cents per day to use. 400 2.11% Pellet Alfalfa
Concentrated formula contains twice the pyrantel tartrate as Strongid C. 80 2.11% Pellet Alfalfa
Strongid C Contains no artificial flavors. 100 1.06% Pellet Alfalfa

*Based on the minimal recommended serving for a 1,000 lb horse. Number of servings will increase or decrease with a smaller or larger weight horse, respectively.