Clippers & Horse Trimmers: Compare
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Horse Clippers and Trimmers Comparison Chart
Electric equine clippers and trimmers are must-have tools if you plan on doing your own horse grooming. In general, use clippers for entire body grooming. Use trimmers for precision trimming around the face, ears, hooves, and tail of your horse. If you want one tool to do both jobs, choose a multiple-speed clipper that can be used dually as a clipper and trimmer. More powerful clippers with extra strong blades work best for horses with thick, long, or damp coats.

Blade* Cord
Speeds Strokes
Oster Clipmaster Clipper Kit Adjusts to alternate between full-body clippings and professional trims. Titanium 15 foot Variable 700 to 3,000 13"
by Andis
Entire Body;
Precision Trimming
Steel w/Chrome Finish 16 foot Two 3,400 & 4,400 7"
Andis ShowEdge® Clipper Competition cuts, shearing, and all-around grooming USA-made ShowEdge blade 13-1/2 foot Two 3,400/4,400 8-1/2"
Kim Laube iClip 881
by Andis
both full body clips and trimming Conventional Blade n/a Two 5,000 to 7,000 6-1/2"
Equine Freedom ideal for fast touch-ups Stainless Steel n/a One n/a n/a
Speed Feed
by Laube
Precision Trimming;
Features Five Blade Settings
Stainless Steel Cordless w/recharger and two battery packs One 8,500 7"
Oster Outlaw Heavy-duty all over body clipping to precision trimming around the face, ears and legs Cryogen-X n/a Two 2,900/3,300 n/a
Pulse Ion™ For face, ears, fetlocks, or other areas that are difficult to access with a corded clipper. Stainless Steel Cordless One 5,500 7-1/2"

* Replacement and alternate clipping blades and clipper blade combs are available for most clipper models.