Saddle Pads & Blankets Buyer's Guide
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Saddle pads and blankets for horses
Modern saddle pads and saddle blankets are some of the most versatile equine products available. They are available in styles to suit Western, English, and bareback riding. In addition, each is a beautiful complement to any color horse coat. But they also help protect both the horse and rider. In fact, the best saddle pad or blanket works to evenly distribute rider weight across your horse's entire back. This creates better horse spine health, which in turn may lend itself to less leg and hoof injuries because your horse is able to move more naturally. Plus, each pad and blanket also helps cushion your ride and keep your horse cool and dry.

Product Name Style Size Material Core Wash Unique Benefits
SMx Air Ride
by Professional's Choice
Western 33" wide x 30" long Nylon w/lambswool lining Foam Hand wash Over 10,000 individual air pockets offer smooth, cushioned ride, additional padding at withers, air channel along spine.