Dog Gate Overview
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

The many uses of Gates
Many Uses of Gates A gate placed at various locations inside your house can save you a lot of frustration, can save your furnishings, and can even save your pet.

We have asked customers to tell us what they use their gates for. Here are some of their applications:

  • A gate is placed at the entrance to a room containing a litter box, a cat bed and a cat tree, allowing the cat privacy.

  • A Mesh Security Gate is placed at the entrance to a kitchen or other non-carpeted room to contain a puppy. The gate lets the family keep an eye on the pup, makes accident clean up easy, and keeps the pup out of trouble.

  • An Auto Lock Pet Gate System is placed at the top of the deck stairs. The dog owners can go in and out of their sliding glass doors with ease and can enjoy the company of their dog while sitting on the deck relaxing and appreciating the outdoors.

  • A Flexi-Gate with extensions is placed in an oddly shaped entrance to a living area or the Maxi Gate is ideal for larger open areas. The owners are having a party and neither do they want the dog to feel totally left out, nor do they want him to eat forbidden party food or interfere with the guests.

  • An incontinent older dog needs to be confined to the kitchen when the owner is at work. This keeps his owner happy and the dog comfortable.
As you can see, well-placed gates can solve many different problems. See if one of our many choices may solve one of yours!