Illuminate Your Aquarium's Night Life
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Functional nocturnal lights Functional nocturnal lights
Many aquatic species come alive at night. In the wild, moonlight triggers an array of biological activities. Whether you have a freshwater, marine fish-only-with-live-rock, or reef aquarium, use nocturnal lights to illuminate some exciting nighttime activity.

Is nocturnal lighting safe and economical?
Yes. The LED used in nocturnal lighting lasts a long time, uses little energy, and generates virtually no heat. That means, other than the
slight initial cost to purchase, they won't burden your aquarium system, its inhabitants, or your pocketbook.
The Beauty of Nocturnal Lights
Nocturnal life in your aquarium can be fascinating. In marine systems, the delicate tentacles of certain coral polyps and filter feeders often extend to trap food. Some corals fluoresce under moonlight and create a dazzling light show. In freshwater aquariums, certain fish, such as catfish, lose their daytime timidity and swim purposefully, either individually or in active schools.

Adding a few nocturnal lights allows you to view your aquarium inhabitants - in full nocturnal form - without disturbance.

The Benefits of Nocturnal Lights
Unfortunately, many aquatic pests also use the cover of darkness to wreak havoc in your aquarium. This is especially true with live rock and reef systems. A multitude of pores, caves, and crevices exist to offer ample areas for pests to hide from bright, daylight lighting. Adding a few red nocturnal lights allows you to spot - and then trap - pests, such as bristle worms or mantis shrimp, when they are active and feeding in your aquarium.

Lunar Lights create custom nocturnal lighting conditions at an economical price.
Pest and Fish Traps let you easily catch nuisance pests without harm to other aquarium inhabitants.
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