Children & Pets: Building Bonds
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

How to Build Bonds Between Children & Pets

There has always been a special bond between children and animals. Keep this special bond successfully alive during the holidays, the time of year that your pet and visiting children - or visiting pets and your children - will interact.

Cats and kids

Most cats are surprisingly tolerant of children. Children and cats can both benefit from the lessons we can teach them on how to get along with each other.

Teach your children to respect the cat. This includes not shouting, laughing loudly, or jumping around the cat. Cats get frightened easily, thus the term "scaredy-cat." Have them approach any cat from a sitting position in order to be non-threatening. Give your children and cat playtime to bond. Cats need exercise and energy release, just like children.

These tips can help your household - as well as any households you visit with your pet - to have a happy and safe holiday.

Teach your children well. . .

  • Children should respect that the pet is a living creature and not a toy.
  • Don't let them grab things away from the pet.
  • Be gentle, especially with little kittens.
  • Leave the pet alone while she is eating.
  • ALWAYS supervise. You should never leave a pet alone with a child.