Flight Cages Give Your Bird Room To Fly
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Your intelligent bird needs physical activity and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Flight is the perfect outlet.

Flight cages, which are enclosures sufficient in size to allow side-to-side flight, give your bird the room he needs to safely stretch his wings and fly. Flight cages offer additional healthy benefits:

Regular exercise improves your bird's heart, muscle and skeletal structures, and can help to keep her fit and trim.

Flight is an expressive indicator of a bird's status and a component of courtship. It is a must for breeding birds.

Your bird's psyche will benefit from the ability to move about and fly. A companion bird typically sits in a cage for hours each day. This sedentary lifestyle can contribute to behavior problems such as excessive vocalization and aggression. Although you don't want to fill it with toys that would make flying hazardous, a larger cage allows for both toys and flying.

Flight maintains your bird's mind-body coordination and her senses of balance and timing as she launches herself, flies, and then lands.

How big should your flight cage be? Long enough to allow side-to-side flight and wide enough for flapping clearance. In addition to flight space, make sure your selected cage has easy access to all areas for cleaning. Arrange your cage to allow your bird maximum use of the space. Position perches, swings or toys, and feeding dishes to avoid blocking flying space. Note: If your bird is not used to a flight cage, it may be best to place a divider in it at first until her mind and body are more used to the larger amount of space.

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