Electronic Collars: A Customer Story
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Keep Your Pet Safe Outdoors Keep Your Pet Safe Outdoors hough extremely well-behaved, and with a year of obedience training under his belt, the Todds were suddenly having difficulty controlling Bram, their 2-year-old golden retriever.

The Todds recently moved into a new subdivision with a large backyard. The couple has always enjoyed early morning runs with Bram, their 2-year-old Golden Retriever, who is often leash-free. Bram also enjoys the hours he spends chasing squirrels and stockpiling sticks in the family's backyard. But recently, Bram got into trouble with the neighbors. They found him one too many times in their backyard or digging in their garbage.

Though extremely well-behaved, and with a year of obedience training behind him, the new neighborhood was making it difficult for the Todds to control Bram. When Bram came into our clinic for a routine checkup, the Todds asked us what to do. We recommended they use a remote training collar to help supplement Bram's obedience training when out for a run, as well as an in-ground fence for the yard. The trainers are easy to use and an effective way to keep dogs safe. After reading the instructions carefully and discussing the correct use of the trainers with us, the Todds now feel comfortable leaving Bram outside, and their neighbors are much happier. Best of all, the collar allows Bram and the Todds to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle with minimal worry.

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