Lifestage Select® Multivitamins: For All Stages of a Dog's Life
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Lifestage Select® Multivitamins
For all stages of life!
Lifestage Select® Puppy PuppyPuppy
Growth, development, and high energy levels are the hallmarks of puppyhood. Our Puppy formula contains all your juvenile dog needs to grow up correctly.
Lifestage Select® Puppy
Lifestage Select® Adult AdultAdult
This supplement is the foundation for the whole line. It's formulated with 31 nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, multiple antioxidants, and ultra trace minerals - everything your adult dog needs to maintain his healthy lifestyle.
Lifestage Select® Adult
Small Dog Vitamin Small Dog VitaminSmall Dog Vitamin
Special needs of smaller breeds include a high incidence of dental problems. This formulation contains higher concentrations of certain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are proven to help dogs with oral conditions.
Small Dog Vitamin
Lifestage Select® Senior SeniorSenior
When your dog starts to slow down and go through other changes aging brings, he needs extra nutrients. This formulation contains more antioxidants, Vitamin E, and other ingredients for all of your senior's changing body systems.
Lifestage Select® Senior
Lifestage Select® Senior Plus Senior PlusSenior Plus
Seniors with mild arthritis need additional nutrients to help with this condition. This formula contains an ingredient that helps rebuild cartilage and one that helps with arthritic discomfort.
Lifestage Select® Senior Plus

Why these dog multivitamins are better
We use natural sources for nutrients whenever possible and premium ingredients. All formulas were created using the latest research on what your dog needs, no matter what life stage, size, or body condition. You'll find, as we did, that these are absolutely the best canine vitamins available. And doesn't your dog deserve the best?