Aquarium Kits - Perfect for Beginners
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Aquarium Kits
Aquarium kits are a great way to get into the hobby and can be a convenient, cost-effective way of getting what you need. Aquarium kits can range from a glass aquarium with a lamp in the hood and a small filter to all-inclusive packages that come with everything from aquarium and equipment to food and a test kit for water conditions. An aquarium kit with integrated filtration and built-in lighting is a hobbyist's best bet for a foolproof system, allowing you to focus on the joy and beauty of the hobby rather than on component selection and installation.

My 12 year old grandson wants an aquarium. Would this be an appropriate gift?
A. Aquariums make wonderful gifts, and are a great learning experience for children. Your first step is to get the "ok" from his parents. Then, consider an aquarium kit. They include everything he will need and setup is very simple.
Aquarium kits offer convenience for beginner and seasoned aquarists alike. Since most of the fundamental equipment is included, you save time by not having to research compatible products.

The popular Eclipse Systems are a great way to introduce younger or new hobbyists to the fascinating world of aquariums. Available in 3, 6, or 12 gallons, these starter aquarium kits include a bio-wheel filter and mini-compact fluorescent lighting system which are both housed in the hood. These budget-friendly kits are designed primarily for a freshwater setup.

The cutting edge Nano Cube systems feature upgraded compact fluorescent lighting and filtration to accommodate a wider variety of inhabitants. Thanks to these enhancements, these systems are well suited as a small, freshwater community setup, planted aquarium, a saltwater aquarium or even a miniature reef aquarium. They are moderately priced, and offer a wide range of possibilities.

These versatile aquariums are designed for easy setup. With filtration and lighting already included, the equipment selection process is minimal. The kits always include setup guides and information material.

Many aquarium kits go beyond the typical instruction manual and come with a book on how to care for your new aquarium.

Along with a glass or acrylic aquarium, kits may include:
Aquarium Stand
Aquarium Hood
Light Fixture and Bulbs or Tubes
Aquarium Decorations
Substrate, Sand or Gravel
Aquarium Test Kit
Fish Food
Filter Media
Some kits are designed for a specific type of aquatic habitat, from freshwater to saltwater, making it even easier to set up these different types of aquariums. The kits not only include the equipment, but also have items specifically designed for the certain type of biotope. From water conditioners to supplements and even fish food, a beginner might not realize that they need some of these items, but with these types of kits, it's all there.

An aquarium kit with all of the essentials included can save you considerable amounts of money. If you were to purchase all of the items separately, the price tag can add up quickly. Aquarium kits are also a great gift for the entire family. Since fundamental equipment is included, there are minimal additional costs associated with the gift.