Top 3 Ideas for Safe Outdoor Feline Fun
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Kittywalk Town & Country
Outdoor Fun
3 Wheel Cat Stroller Lupine H-Style Harness & Lead any cat owners keep their cats indoors to keep them safe from traffic and other animals or because their cats are older and age is catching up with them. But, how many times have you caught your cat trying to escape out an open door or shooed her off a windowsill after she's jumped there to get a better glimpse of the great outdoors?

Give your cat the best of the indoor and outdoor world without sacrificing safety. Here's how:

STROLLERS treat your cat to fresh air, outdoor sights and sounds without undue stress on joints. You can also bring your cat on your longer walks, without worrying about kitty getting tired.

KITTYWALK SYSTEMS give your cat the freedom to be outdoors, but not escape. Industrial strength fishnet and metal wickets keep your pet safely contained and protected. Interlocking systems can be used alone or snapped together for additional exploration space.

Dr. Marty Smith HARNESSES allow your cat to experience the outdoors without choking or wriggling out of a standard collar. Leads give your cat a little freedom, but also keep her close.

              Marty R. Smith DVM

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