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Cat watching outdoor activity Window Watching

Is your cat mesmerized by the world outside? Does he run to the window every time a bird flies to the feeder? Window watching is a great form of entertainment for your feline friend. Give him a comfortable, cat-friendly observation point and watch his tail twitch in delight. He'll forget all about off-limits tabletops and counters.

Super Deluxe Cat TreeFloor-to-ceiling cat trees give your cat the greatest height - and views. He can keep his eye on that squirrel outside, condition his claws on carpet or sisal, and sleep soundly on many levels.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith Super Deluxe Cat Tree - The Super Deluxe starts with a huge, thick 18" square wood base, offering two posts wrapped securely with the same sisal rope that sailors use. The second tier suspends a dense plush tunnel that's a perfect hiding place. The third tier is a fully carpeted perch, and the fourth features our wide fleece-lined crow's nest to hop in or on.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Cat Trees - Floor-to-ceiling cat trees perfect for hiding, climbing, scratching, and playing. Each is a full 8 feet high with a secure base. Enticing breakaway catnip toy encourages endless play.

Each piece includes a variety of amusing options like cradles, cups, sisal and carpeted posts, hoops, and more. He might even take a break from window watching just to play.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith Spiral Penthouse - This Penthouse has four elevated sites to please one cat or many. At 39" high, your cat can jump, play, peek, or sleep on any one of this furniture's five levels.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith Classi-Cat Treehouse - The oils found in this climber's Cedar wood posts appeal to your feline's sense of smell and have natural flea and insect repellency. This furniture's sturdy, multi-level carpeted perches provide several options for play, catnaps, or relaxed lounging. Plus, the wood and sisal are ideal surfaces to exercise a cat's natural scratching instinct.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith Cat Cottage - One-of-a-kind, MEGA-strong corrugated cottage designed specifically for the climb-loving cat. Priced lower than carpeted furniture, irresistible Cottage features four levels of double-thick corrugated cardboard for extra support, with 9" diameter cutouts so kitty can explore level after alluring level.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith Amusement Park - Head-over-heels, scratch and climb, rock and roll cat amusement. Extra solid and sturdy piece of furniture has two 12" x 16" carpeted cradles plus a 12" dia. x 16" cozy tunnel with lookout window. Three levels for climbing, lounging, snoozing, and playing.

You can't get your cat any closer to the action without opening the door. Many perches fit flush with your window and don't require screws.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith Window Perch - Give your cat a comfortable, carpeted view of the captivating world outside. Generously sized, this sturdy perch is made of wood and covered in thick, stain-resistant, catnip-treated carpet.

  • Kitty Sill - Cat window perch boasts the comfort of a bed, with 2-1/2" thick foam base and cozy fleece cover. Lightweight, sturdy plastic frame and legs. Elasticized cover removes for washing. Perch removes from sill in seconds for use as a bed anywhere.

An easy access solution for window watchers, especially older or arthritic cats. Stair-Steps come fully assembled with plush carpet exterior. Choose from 2-step or 3-step varieties.

Start with a fleecy soft cat bed, and place it up where he can enjoy the view. As long as his safety is not compromised, try it on an end table, cat tree perch, or pet stairs.

Watching out the window is a favorite cat pastime. Add a little height and a comfortable seat, and he has the perfect observation point.

Kitty Castle provides places for multiple cats to perch, nap, and play
Kitty Castle
Stair-Steps give access to heights
Berber Cat Slumber Nest cradles your cat in softness and warmth while giving him or her a sense of security.
Berber Slumber Nest®

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