Bird Benefits: Multiple Cages, Multiple Uses
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Prevue Pet 880 Bird Cage Paradise Perch and Go

Multiple Cages
Multiple Uses

Birds and bird owners alike can benefit by employing multiple cages in their homes. When considering your bird's travel, isolation, privacy, and room-to-room needs, it can be very advantageous to complement your main cage with alternate-use cages.

Have birds will travel
Taking your bird to visit family? Or does your bird like to spend time with you while you're on the computer or folding laundry? In travel situations, having a smaller, yet familiar, cage alleviates the stress of being in unfamiliar surroundings. At home, it isn't always practical to move your bird's large cage into another room or up a flight of stairs. Keeping another cage ready in a frequently visited room lets you keep your bird by your side.

Multiple bird homes
Do you have two or more birds? Smaller, inexpensive cages make excellent isolation homes should your bird become sick or unruly and need to be separated from her companions. Plus, a second cage helps keep breeding on your schedule, not on your bird's.

Big birds, small spaces
Bird lovers come in all shapes and sizes – as do their homes. Smaller, second cages are ideal if your home's size forces you to keep your bird's larger main cage near the television. Late night viewing can get in the way of your bird's sleep patterns, but a sleeper cage placed in a quiet spot means both you and your bird can get some needed relaxation.

Paradise Perch and Go
Paradise Perch and Go! Travel Cage
is easy to move and carry and gives your bird a view of his surroundings.
Fold 'n Go Travel Cage
Fold 'n Go Travel Cage

is the ideal travel cage for short-term containment of small to medium-sized birds.
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