Why Pet Strollers are So Popular
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Just strolling around

Recently, a partner of ours came across a scene that still makes her chuckle. She was walking through a lakeside park in Michigan's upper peninsula. Ahead of her, a muscular young man approached on the pedestrian path pushing a baby stroller. As he neared, however, she realized the baby stroller was actually a pet stroller, and the "baby" was an adorable Shih Tzu!

We are not surprised by the growing popularity of Pet Strollers - for toy breeds - and we'd like to tell you why.

Out of Harm's Way
In areas of high foot traffic a small pet on a leash, such as a small or toy breed, can be exposed to many risks, including possible injury by a larger pet or being stepped on by a careless human. In sweltering temperatures, hot pavement poses a safety risk for pets of all sizes. A stroller provides safety and protection by elevating toy breeds and other small pets off the ground and enclosing them.

Strollers let your toy breed dog check out the sights - or curl up and sleep . . . plus you have extra storage space.

Longer Walks
The size, age, and health of your pet are factors that affect the walking distance your pet can handle. Toy breeds, with their shorter legs, are often unable to keep up on long walks. If you need a longer walk than your pet can withstand, a stroller allows you to rack up the mileage you're accustomed to, without leaving your pet behind. Simply place your pet in the pet stroller when he tires and carry on.

Senior/Arthritic/Post-Operative Pets
Due to hip or joint problems, even a small amount of walking can be extremely painful to some pets, yet they still want to come with you when you get your exercise. The same goes for pets recovering from surgeries; they may not be able to walk on their own. Strollers treat them to fresh air and the outdoor sights and sounds they love, without putting undue stress on aching joints or stitches.

If you haven't considered a pet stroller yet, just think of the man in Michigan! The next time you're lacing up your walking shoes for a long stroll, bring your spunky Yorkie, your pretty Pom, or your pugnacious Pug with you.

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