Overview: Electronic Testing, Dispensing, & Monitoring Devices
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

The pHep 5 gives you quick, accurate temperature and pH readings with a simple dip in the aquarium. No fussing with test kits or breakable thermometers.
Marineland Aqua Timer control the on/off cycles of your aquarium lights, which can help reduce fish stress and improve plant/coral growth.
nce the basics of aquarium-keeping are mastered, many hobbyists turn to electronic testing, dispensing, and monitoring devices to save time while indulging their growing fondness for the latest aquarium gadgets.

With tasks that are crucial yet routine, such as measuring temperature, pH and ORP, many hobbyists opt for electronic monitors that combine and automate these two functions. These precision devices continually display readings on an LCD screen. Electronic monitoring and testing devices are available in all price ranges from high-end devices to hand-held testers that perform equally well at a more economical, wallet-friendly price – there's something for every budget!

If you've relied solely on your sleep schedule to dictate when aquarium lights go on and off, it may be time to add a light timer. They not only help conserve energy by regulating when the lights are on, timer-operated lights also give your aquarium inhabitants consistent photoperiods. When combined with Lunar Lights, you'll be able to recreate a natural 24-hour day and night light cycle. A light timer is invaluable if you spend weekends away from home.

For the advanced hobbyist with a large showcase aquarium, a system controller is the ultimate "technophile" gadget. It provides precise monitoring and controlling of pH, ORP, temperature, dosing, lighting schedules, and more. Ultra "Hi-tech" models let you view AND modify controller settings from any internet enabled computer in the world!