Halloween Pet Costumes
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

How to get your dog to love his costume!

With a properly trained dog, and dog-loving neighbors, you can take your dog trick-or-treating with her new Halloween pet costume.

Some dogs love getting the attention that a halloween costume brings, but other dogs just don't like being laughed at. How do you get these dogs to like the costume? Here are some tips or view our How to Video:

  • Don't put the costume on right away and expect your dog to go along with it. A few weeks before you expect her to wear the costume, use treat training to get her motivated.

  • Drape the costume over her back for a few seconds, and then give her a little treat. Do this for a few seconds several times, then daily, longer each time, treating and praising all the while.

  • Put the costume on loosely, and follow the above instructions, for a few seconds, then a few minutes, with praise and treats galore.

  • Enlist the help of a friend. Let the friend give treats when the dog is in costume and when the costume comes off, the friend (and treats) go away.

  • Soon your dog will be glad when she sees the costume being taken out for her.
Now your dog should be ready to cooperate whether at a party, getting pictures taken, or "Woof-or-Treating"!