Stain Removal FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions About Stain Removal
Frequently Asked Questions About Stain Removal Can't I just use my regular household cleaner for my pet's accidents?
Most household cleaners simply remove surface stain and cover the odor with a pleasing scent. Because dogs have noses 100 times more sensitive than ours, they will smell right through that cover scent to the scent of their urine deeper in the fibers of your carpet or furniture. And as you know, the smell of a pet's urine will often trigger it to relieve itself in the same spot.

Stain removers made specifically for pets often work differently - and much better - than grocery-store cleaners. To remove stain and odors deep in the fibers, products such as OdorLogicĀ® CleanAway use natural enzymes that actually digest the stain and odor - eliminate it - instead of just covering it up. There are other types of pet stain removers that work a little differently, and they are also effective. The thing to remember, however, is that you risk creating a real problem in your home if you do not remove stains with a product made specifically for pets. And, we also recommend that you have a pet disinfectant on hand as you never know when you'll need it.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Stain Removal I have a stain that had dried before I found it and it seems very hard to get out. What should I do?
Dried stains are often much more difficult to remove, but it's important that you do what is necessary to get the stain and odor completely out of your carpet. This may mean repeating the cleaning procedure a few times. And be sure to read and follow the instructions on the product you use - application is not always the same from one product to the next. And finally, buy a product designed specifically for dried, set-in stains, such as OdorLogicĀ® CleanAway, which contains more aggressive ingredients and works better on stains you don't see right away.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Stain Removal Can I use these cleaners on my furniture?
In most cases, yes. However, read the instructions before applying to any furniture fabric. And it is also highly advisable to test any cleaner on a "hidden" area of the furniture first to see if it discolors the fabric.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Stain Removal My pet got sick on the carpeting. What should I use?
Almost all cleaners made for pets work on any "organic" stain, like vomit, blood, feces, and urine. Check the product information or label to be sure.
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