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Bacterial Additives, the benefits of

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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  acterial additives establish a healthy population of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria efficiently break down ammonia into nitrite and then to nitrate. The use of bacterial additives is most commonly associated with the initial setup of an aquarium, during the cycling process. Once the aquarium has properly cycled and a stable population of beneficial bacteria has been established, many hobbyists are left wondering what to do with the rest of their bottle. Fortunately, the benefits of bacterial additives extend well beyond the cycling process.

Bacterial additives can be used on a regular basis to supplement your existing biological filtration and to maintain good water quality. Having a bottle of bacterial additives such as our Live Nitrifying Bacteria on hand will benefit both fresh and saltwater aquariums and is one of the keys to a stable aquarium with healthy inhabitants.
What is biological media?
Biological media, or bio media, is any inert material that houses beneficial bacteria. Commercial biological media is available in porous rock or pebble-
like material, ceramic cylinders, plastic balls, coarse mesh-like material, or even in slab form.
In addition to cycling an aquarium, use bacterial additives to:

Prevent potential
     ammonia spikes
     during the
     introduction of
     new fish.

Drs. Foster & Smith Live Nitrifying Bacteria
Replenish population of beneficial bacteria depleted by medications or large water changes.
Condition new filters with beneficial bacteria.
Reestablish beneficial bacteria in older aquariums.
Clear cloudy or milky water due to overfeeding.
Reduce stress and improve the immune systems of aquarium inhabitants.
Maintain good water quality through efficient biological filtration of excess organic waste materials.

Biological Filter Media: Basic FAQs
The Cycle of Life
Keep Aquarium Water Free of Toxic Compounds
Maintaining Proper Water Quality in the Home Aquarium
Things You Need to Know About Aquarium Water Quality
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