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Pond Thermometer
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Pond Liner Underlayment
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Corrugated Pond Tubing
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Did you ever look at a friend or neighbor's mature pond and ask yourself how it stayed so beautiful for so long? The person with a mature, gorgeous, backyard pond probably built it correctly from the ground up, which included an essential item that successful ponders care about: a high-quality pond liner.

Think of a pond liner as you would think of the foundation of your house: a good liner, as a good foundation, is essential for the pond to last and stay intact. A good liner does more than hold water in your pond, it helps keep your pond functioning as it should, and also helps protect your aquatic life.

What is a pond liner? A liner is the layer between your pond and the ground. Of course, some pond designs may also include an underlayment, a fabric layer between the ground and the liner, for an additional layer of puncture protection. Some people are under the impression that a pond doesn't need a liner, or they can get away with an inadequate liner. A good pond liner can:

Prevent pond breakdown from soil erosion, which can cause loss of pond depth and shape
Eliminate leaks that cause water loss
Protect against environmental dangers such as potentially toxic soil chemicals, which can harm your pond and aquatic life

Installing a quality pond liner when you begin building helps ensure healthy plant and animal life for your pond. Installing a proper liner can help prevent the time-consuming tasks of taking out the fish and plants, draining the pond, removing equipment, replacing the liner with a better one, putting everything back, and filling the pond again. Also, and perhaps most importantly, you won't have to wait for your pond to get back into its natural biological balance again. This is not only time-consuming, but can be much more costly than installing a proper liner from the start.

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