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Essential Supplies for Travel with your Dog

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Travel & Outdoors
Cereniaandreg; Tablets (Brand)
Cereniaandreg; Tablets (Brand)
As low as $10.99
Essential Travel Checklist
ID Tags
Leash Health Records Calming Aid
Car Harness
Seat Covers
IF YOUR FAMILY is gearing up for your yearly vacation, and you plan on taking the family dog... here are a few essential items for your trip-planning list:
A collapsible travel bowl for dispensing fresh water. You may consider bringing water from home. Otherwise, you can buy bottled water along the way.
A collar with ID tags just in case he gets separated from the family. ID tags should include the dog's name, your name, and a contact phone number. Also consider carrying a photo of your dog.
A leash so he can join the family in all the adventures. Many places, such as parks and rest areas, require dogs to be on a leash. See our Dura-Ruff® Leads.
A travel crate or car harness to ensure safety for your dog and your family. Dogs can get excited while traveling. The crate or car harness will keep him safe in sudden stops and prevent him from jumping into the front seat with the driver.
A calming aid to help him settle in and enjoy the ride. Calming aids come in a variety of forms including biscuits, tablets, gels, drops, and sprays. Choose the one that best suits your dog's needs.
A copy of his health records and rabies vaccination certificate. Proof of vaccination may be required by hotels and resorts. Health records also come in handy if you have an unexpected trip to the veterinarian.
A vehicle seat cover to protect car seats from dog hair and muddy paws or a cargo pad to protect rear cargo areas. Even the sweetest smelling pup can track dirt and dander onto a clean vehicle seat. Plus, these covers give him his own special spot to lie down.


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