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Help Animals in Need this Holiday

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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During the holidays, many people generously open their hearts to those less fortunate than themselves. This year, how about saying "Happy Holidays" with dog biscuits or cat toys?

Support your Local Animal Shelter
Shelters care for millions of homeless companion animals each month that need food and love. Donating pet supplies, toys, or treats to your local animal shelter is a great way to get the whole family excited about giving to those in need.

Some of the most needed supplies in shelters and rescues are vaccines and medications, which you can help them purchase by donating a Drs. Foster & Smith Gift Certificate in the amount of your choice.

Rescue Groups
Almost every community has one or more volunteer groups that "rescue" homeless pets by placing them in loving homes. Foster families care for their foster animals in addition to their own pets, so pet supplies, toys, and treats are always in short supply.

Remember the Pets of Needy Families
When donating clothing and food for needy families in your community, remember their pets, too. If we can help the less fortunate take care of their pets, fewer pets will end up in shelters.

Sharing your love with those in need - that's truly what the holidays are all about!
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