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Tips to encourage foraging

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Cancer in Birds: Feeding for the Cure 
Gout in Birds: How to Recognize the Signs in Your Bird 
Fatty Liver Disease in Pet Birds 
Tips to encourage foraging Tips to encourage foraging

Foraging, the collective activity during
which your bird searches for and locates food, is
Dehydrated Fruits & Veggiesan essential part of natural bird behavior. It may look like play, but it's actually an instinctive behavior that allows birds to find often-elusive food. The foraging instinct brings your bird the ultimate reward of nourishment while keeping him physically and mentally agile.

Foraging also offers a constructive release for pent-up energy. Foraging activities and toys help prevent damage to your property and self-destructive behavior like feather-picking.

Disguise the dish, cover the crock
While your bird watches, hide his food supply with a clean paper towel or coffee filter. He'll delight in shredding the paper cover and uncovering a fulfilling meal.

Kaytee® Fiesta™ Avian Treat JarsPlay treat hide-and-seek
Add a sampling of something new to your bird's usual cuisine or fillable toys. He'll gleefully hunt for exciting new delicacies. Just Fruits and Just Veggies, Kaytee® Fiesta™ Avian Treat Jars, and Millet entertain with new flavors and textures.

Offer foraging toys
Brain-boosting toys make foraging FUN! The Bottoms Up Foraging Toy offers three spots for hiding treats. Mineral Logs offer nuts or millet, plus mineral-rich clay. And perennial-favorite filled toys, such as Treat Piñatas, the 4-Way Forager toy, and the Buffet Ball and Kabob offer hours of foraging fun.

Treat Piñata
Treat Piñata
Buffet Ball and Kabob
Buffet Ball and Kabob
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