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Hairball Formula Cat Food FAQs

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Frequently Asked Questions on Hairball Formula Adult Cat Food
Frequently Asked Questions on Hariball Formula Adult Cat Food How does the fiber in your Hairball Control Adult Cat Food help to remove hair?
Our Hairball Control Cat Food contains a higher level of fiber than either our Adult Cat or Adult Cat Lite foods. This extra fiber helps to gently move hair through the digestive tract so that it is eliminated before it can build up and cause a problem.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Hariball Formula Adult Cat Food Why is this formula labeled 'Advanced?'
This formula has been developed to be high in natural fiber to minimize hairball formulation. It contains high quality protein, Vitamin A, and fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin and hair coat. Chelated minerals help ensure good nutrient absorption. Increased levels of high-quality protein help to maintain good muscle tone. Probiotics and higher fiber levels also maintain a healthy digestive system.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Hariball Formula Adult Cat Food If I'm feeding your Advanced Hairball Control formula, should I continue to use a hairball medication?
If you are feeding the Advanced Hairball Control formula, you may not need to continue to use a hairball medication. One possible exception might be in a longhaired cat, or during times of the year when the cat is shedding excessively.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Hariball Formula Adult Cat Food Should I expect my cat to drink more water when eating your Advanced Hairball Control formula food?
While we would not expect a cat to drink a lot more water when eating this food, it is important that your cat continue to drink an adequate amount of water with this high-fiber food, to prevent constipation. Fresh water should always be available.
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