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Quiko Bird Supplement Selection Guide

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Gout in Birds: How to Recognize the Signs in Your Bird 
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Guard against diet dificiency. Bird-specific supplements target body system functions, reproductive and behavioral issues, plumage health, and more.

Supplement Recommended For Suggested Use
Quiko Multivitamin
Quiko Multivitamin
Formulated to play an important role in regulating body systems, as well as blood & bone formation. Contains 14 vitamins and 6 essential minerals. Helpful in times of growth or stress. Add 1 tsp per pint of drinking water or 8 oz food. Change water daily.
Quiko Bio
Quiko Bio
Ideal for molting season as it aids in proper feather development. Contains 20 vitamins and minerals and 1000 mg Biotin per 5-gram serving. Add 1 tsp to a pint of water, then mix into food or mix 1 tsp to 8 oz food. Change water daily.
Quiko Lori
Quiko Lori
Especially for Lories & other nectar-eating birds with delicate constitutions. Contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and essential trace minerals. Using enclosed spoon, mix 1 part Quiko Lori with 4 parts water for larger birds, or 5 parts water for smaller birds. Add to food.
Quiko Intensive
Quiko Intensive
Contains Canthaxanthin to preserve vibrant red color. Also contains Quiko’s balance of vitamins and minerals, to make a good all-around health supplement. Ideal for breeding and for all birds with Red Factor. Add 1 Tbsp to a pint of water or 8 oz food. Change water daily.
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