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Summer Heat Safety Tips

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Winter Safety for Outdoor Dogs 
Frostbite Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention 
Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs 
Travel & Outdoors
Cereniaandreg; Tablets (Brand)
Cereniaandreg; Tablets (Brand)
As low as $10.99
Keep your dog cool in the heat

Dogs can only rid their body of heat while panting. They do not have sweat glands - as humans do - except for a few on their feet. Panting alone is not enough when the temperature soars.

We have a few recommendations for you and your family to help your dog have a happy and healthy summer:

  • Make sure you provide plenty of water. For an outside dog, an automatic dog waterer or a Handi-Drink Pet Water Bottle is the perfect way to provide clean fresh water.

  • Never leave your dog in the car - even for a few minutes - in the heat. Just a few short minutes in these conditions can lead to irreversible organ damage or death.

  • Keep your pet from the damaging rays of the sun. If you have a white, or lighter colored dog, areas of the body (tops of ears and nose) can sunburn. Applying a pet specific sunscreen may help prevent sunburn.

  • Watch out for heatstroke. If you do vigorous exercise with your dog, make sure you exercise in the cooler hours of the morning or evening.

  • Better yet, go swimming with your dog! Play fetch with the many water toys, such as Floatable Disc. This way both of you can keep cool!

  • If your pet is outside during the day, consider investing in a Cooling Bed or Gel Pet Mats.

  • For an extra-special summer treat, give your pooch a Arctic Freeze Chew Toy right out of the freezer.
Fortunately, many pet product manufacturers know how difficult it can be to keep a pet cool in summer and now make products to help pet owners.

Handi-Drink Pet Water Bottles

Handi-Drink Pet Water Bottles

K&H Cool Beds

K&H Cool Beds

Arctic Freeze Chew Toys

Arctic Freeze Chew Toys

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