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Cat Training Aids Overview

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
5 Ways to Discourage Cat Spraying 
Prevent Cat Scratching with the "3 D's" 
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Behavior & Training
Clomicalm (Brand)
Clomicalm (Brand)
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Fluoxetine (Generic)
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Amitriptyline (Generic)
Amitriptyline (Generic)
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Break your Cat's Bad Habits

oes your cat need to know his limits? Does he scratch on the furniture, dig up the plants or jump onto countertops? Training aids are a perfect way to deter your rascal from undesirable behaviors or train a new cat to know his boundaries - and they help you enforce limits even when you are not home. Training aids are available in three basic forms: Sound, touch, and scents/pheromones.

Sound Distraction
Sound aids are activated by touch or motion and deliver a startling sound to distract your cat from his attempt to access the off-limits area. He learns quickly to associate the unpleasant sound with his action, and you'll find his attempts decrease daily until he's trained. Battery-operated SSSCAT Spray, Tattle Tale, and Sofa Scram are safe, effective and economical. SSSCAT uses a startling hiss of harmless spray, while Sofa Scram and Tattle Tale emit an alarm.

Touch Training
Certain training aids are uncomfortable to the touch, so cats avoid surfaces upon which they are used. Scat Mats emit a mild static charge, while X-Mats use hundreds of raised bumps to discomfort kitty's paws. Sticky Paws have a sticky surface cats dislike - simply adhere to furniture or criss-cross the rim of planters to discourage scratching and digging.

Scents/Pheromones Deter Two Ways
Scent/pheromone training aids work two ways: To repel your cat, or to soothe him so he is less likely to behave inappropriately. SSSCAT Spray and No-Scratch! Spray repel your cat with unpleasant essences, so your cat will avoid treated surfaces or your houseplants. Feliway and Comfort Zone® work just the opposite. They release pleasing pheromone-like substances that calm cats, which can halt their urges to scratch inappropriately or spray urine.

With the right training aids, you can enforce your cat's limits - and your cat will quickly learn his boundaries.

Sticky Paws
Sticky Paws
Comfort Zone®
Comfort Zone®
No-Scratch! Spray
No-Scratch! Spray


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