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Tube Feeders Overview

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Drs. Foster and Smith Squirrel Food
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Drs. Foster and Smith Basic Finch Seed Mix
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Drs. Foster and Smith Economy Waste-Free Seed Mix
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The Growing Popularity of Tube Feeders
Many people enjoy feeding neighborhood birds. Whether you're a beginner or have enjoyed feeding wild birds for years, the type of feeder you choose plays a large role in the number of birds and the variety of species you attract. Tube feeders are increasingly becoming a versatile The Growing Popularity of Tube Feeders
way to attract a variety of birds. Improvements in ports, perches, style, and construction have all contributed to the growing popularity of tube feeders.

Ports: Some tube feeders now include adjustable ports that flip or twist to allow switching from mixed seed to thistle seed. This handy feature means you can easily change seed type without having to purchase a new feeder.

Triple Tube Wild Bird FeederPerches: Perches also affect the types of birds that feast at your feeder. Some allow you to add perches so perch feeders such as grackles or grosbeaks can eat. Or, you can remove them to limit dining to clinging birds, such as finches, nuthatches, and woodpeckers.

Style: Some offer multiple tubes for dispensing more than one seed mix to attract several species simultaneously. Others offer baffles or weight-sensitive springs to deter squirrel attempts to access the seed.

Construction: To help extend the life of your feeder, many are made with UV- and weather-resistant materials such as powder-coated metal and polycarbonate tubing. Weather-resistant finishes are also available on wooden feeders to ensure that your birds have a charming place to feast meal after meal.

Enjoy watching neighborhood birds gather in your yard for years to come with a tube feeder that is built to last. Both you and your visitors will benefit from the versatility of these feeders.

Tube Feeder Varieties

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