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Rat Fun Facts

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Rat Fun Facts
Rats are excellent climbers.

  • Rats are extremely clean pets and are among the most intelligent and curious.
  • Ancient Romans considered the rat good luck, and in China the rat is considered a sign of prosperity.
  • Rats, with their long tail, have a very acute sense of balance; therefore, they are excellent climbers.
  • Rats can swim and many enjoy it.
  • Pet rats live an average of two to three years.
  • Male rats are known as bucks, females are does, and babies are pups or kittens.
  • Rats are very social animals and do best when kept with other rat companions.
  • The general rule is that male rats are larger with a coarser coat and more laid-back disposition, than females. Females are typically smaller and more active and playful.

  • Pet rats, or fancy rats, have an interesting history. Many breeders believe that rats were first widely domesticated by the rat-catchers of the 19th Century. It is believed these people, who were paid by town governments to trap rats, started breeding rats to keep themselves in business, only then discovering how intelligent and loyal these pets could be.
  • Though generally nocturnal, most rats are crepuscular, which means they are most active for a few hours around dusk and dawn, dividing the rest of the day between hours of lesser activity and sleeping.
  • Rats have starred or appeared in over 400 films and close to one hundred television series.


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