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Dwarf Russian Hamster

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Dwarf Russian Hamsters have quickly garnered great interest and attention with their irresistible features and playful personalities. In spite of their diminutive size and recent availability, Dwarf Russian Hamsters have quickly garnered great interest and attention with their irresistible features and playful personalities. At nearly half the size of Golden/Syrian hamsters, Russian Dwarf Hamsters are truly one of the smallest pocket pets.


Characteristics: Females tend to begin breeding at less than 3 months of age and produce an average litter size of 5 to 10 babies. Depending on the variety, Russian Dwarf Hamsters range between 2"- 4" in length with an average life expectancy of about 2 years.

Appearance: There are 3 varieties of Dwarf Russian Hamsters: the Campbell, the Winter White, and the Roborovski. The Campbell Dwarf Hamsters are available in the greatest color variations including Platinum, Dove, and Opal. The Winter Whites are limited to Sapphire, Pearl, and Sapphire-Pearl, while Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters are only available in a natural sandy brown color.

#1 Preventable Health Problem: Their small size and speed make Dwarf Hamsters superb escape artists. Once loose, they are exposed to common household "dangers." Careful adult supervision is recommended to prevent injuries resulting from falls or over-eager handling by young children.

Preferences: Dwarf Hamsters are tiny bundles of curiosity and energy. An exercise wheel is an excellent way to safely burn off restless energy.

Best Features: In contrast to the solitary and nocturnal Golden/Syrian hamsters, the social Dwarf Hamsters are relatively more active during daylight hours and are happy to be kept in pairs or very small groups of the same sex.

Housing: Enclosures measuring 19" x 19" and at least 6" high is recommended. A 10-gallon aquarium with a wire cover will comfortably house 2 Dwarf Hamsters. Avoid cages with a wire mesh floor and do not use cedar chips or other aromatic woods as bedding material.

Diet: Nutritionally complete pelleted hamster food provides a balanced diet as well as the added benefit of gnawing exercise. Very small quantities of fresh vegetables may be offered as an occasional treat.


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