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Motion Sickness Checklist

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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There is almost nothing more upsetting to a dog owner than when their precious pet gets ill in the car. Pets do not have the ability to tell us when they feel sick, so the only way we know is if they show us certain signs. To your pet, the car feels like a very noisy moving place that inundates him with all sorts of odors. He does not understand that he will be safe and sound somewhere after the car ride.

Some pets can be slowly trained out of their motion sickness, but others may need to see the veterinarian.

Sometimes, in the stress of the moment, owners forget to tell their veterinarian relevant information about their pets. Here is a helpful checklist to bring with you to your next veterinary appointment. Check the box beside the statement if your dog experiences any of these symptoms.

Check which symptoms your dog exhibits:
Seems uneasy or apprehensive when he knows a trip is imminent
Reluctant to get into the car
Whines or yawns excessively or yawns when in the vehicle
Becomes unusually quiet when going for a ride
Paces once in the car
Shakes when in the car
Drools excessively when the car starts moving
Gags or vomits when in the car
Urinates and/or defecates inappropriately when in the car
Has diarrhea in the car or when let out of the car

Once you have completed the checklist, print and take it to your veterinarian so you can discuss the results together. In the event your veterinarian decides to prescribe medication to your dog, you may want to print off our Prescription Authorization Form and bookmark this information on how to order a prescription at Drs. Foster and Smith's Licensed Pharmacy, where you can save on all of your faithful friends' prescriptions.

Be sure to let your veterinarian know about any medications or supplements your dog is currently taking, including aspirin or any other NSAIDs. Some medications or supplements may interact in potentially harmful ways; your veterinarian can make the best recommendation for your dog.

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