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Training Tips: Jumping, Chewing & Garbage Diving

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Is Your Dog Out of Control? Is Your Dog Out of Control?

ehavior problems are a common and often correctable issue that many dog owners face. With a little time, patience, and training, they can be corrected. Here are a few common problems and solutions to help alleviate your frustration.

Problem: People Jumper
Solution: If your dog jumps up on you, turn sideways and either extend your leg or lean over to give a body block with your hip, so your dog never gets his front paws on you. When your dog has all four paws on the floor, immediately give her attention and praise.

Problem: Furniture/Shoe Chewer
Solution: The key to prevent problem chewing is to direct your pup's natural inclination to chew towards appropriate objects. This can be achieved when you offer your dog a wide range of items to chew and rotate them regularly. These should include safe, long-lasting chew toys in a variety of textures and shapes.

Problem: Garbage Diver
Solution: Place garbage in a closet, cupboard, or room your pet cannot easily get to. If garbage must be left out, keep leftover food out of it. It is a natural thing for your dog to scavenge for food. If necessary, use an indoor barrier to keep him away from off-limit areas.

The happiness and safety of you, your pet, and the people around you are important. Remember, be consistent and unwavering in your training and everyone wins.

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