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Pond Predator Control 
Seasonal Pond Maintenance Checklist 
Maintain Ideal Pond Temperatures 
Pond Maintenance
Pruning Tool
Pruning Tool
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Pond Mini Vac
Pond Mini Vac
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Drs. Foster and Smith WaterGarden Outfitters Pond Vacuum XPV
Drs. Foster and Smith WaterGarden Outfitters Pond Vacuum XPV
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Barley Straw - Natural Water Conditioning
Barley Straw - Natural Water Conditioning
After days of heavy rain, my pond water was murky and I couldn't see my fish anymore. I had to do something but didn't want to use any chemicals. My niece suggested using barley straw as a natural alternative.

The difference is easily seen in this before & after shot. She lent me her copy of your catalog and I ordered the Barley Straw Pellets+ and I can't believe how well it's working! The pellets are real easy to use and it's been months since I put it in my pond and it's still working.

I didn't have to buy additional products or keep using more of the Barley Straw Pellets+. It's all natural and a time-released product so I'm not afraid of over-dosing. I applied the product following the instructions and I'm still seeing results, even those I didn’t expect!

I bought it to help with water clarity, but it does more than that. The organic peat really helps to soften and condition the water AND it also helps buffer pH. My water quality has never been better and my fish seem happier too! I feel good knowing that something 100% natural is taking such great care of my pond.

Thank you for offering such wonderful products.

– Wendy S., Seattle, WA

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