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Simple Guide to Effective Pond Predator Control

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Simple Guide to Effective Predator Control

You've worked hard to create a beautiful and relaxing pond environment. However, as an easily accessible source of food and water, your backyard oasis may attract unwanted predators. Don't let predators undo all your hard work. Protect your pond investment. Learn how to maximize effective predator control by employing a multifaceted approach that targets different senses.

Animal AwayMultisensory approach to predator control
Pond predators come in all shapes and sizes, causing damage to both pond inhabitants and pond landscape. Therefore a single approach to predator control is unlikely to provide effective protection against the different predators that may visit your pond landscape. For effective predator control, use several deterrents that address different senses. This not only provides greater protection but also lessens the possibility of predators becoming accustomed to any single deterrent.

Ultrasonic devices such as the Animal Away emit high pitched ultrasonic sound that repels predators. These compact electronic devices feature a motion detector that senses animal movement and activates when an animal enters its protected area.

Bird-X Nature's Defense All-Purpose Animal RepellentSmell
Deterrents that rely on smell and taste are particularly useful for warding off a wide variety of predators. Choose nontoxic products such as Nature's Defense All-Purpose Animal Repellent to protect areas closest to your pond shore to prevent potential runoff contamination. This versatile animal repellent contains garlic, cinnamon, clove, and other organic ingredients to create a scent barrier that keeps unwanted animals away.

Decoys send a visual cue that warns predators to keep away. Decoys are often replicas of apex predators such as the Floating Gator Pond Decoy or the Prowler Owl Predator Decoy to scare away a variety of lesser predators. Some decoys are designed to deter specific predators. For example, the Heron Standing Bird sculpture takes advantage of the territorial nature of herons as they will not intrude upon an area perceived as already dominated by one of their kind. For optimum effect, alter decoy placement regularly to prevent predators from seeing through your ruse.

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