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Consider Using a Net

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Atlantic Water Gardens Bio-Rocks
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Using A Net
Consider a net this spring
One essential spring pond-cleaning ritual includes removing winter netting, leaves, and other debris. Consider installing or keeping netting on in the warmer months. you may find it's just what you need for your pond.

Pond Netting and Spikes Weather protection
With spring comes inclement weather. A strong spring storm may carry last year's leaves, branches, old nests, and other unexpected debris into your pond. A medium mesh will suffice if you are just worried about storm debris. If you have evergreens, consider smaller mesh to keep needles out.

Animal debris
Squirrels, chipmunks, some birds, and other critters build their new nests in the spring. Last year's nests may be dumped by the animals, or, unused and unsecured, are more likely to fall to the ground. Medium mesh protection nets will help keep these above your pond, where you can simply toss them off before they break down and cause water problems.

Dalen Black Pond Netting Jumping fish
As fish get more active during warmer weather, you may have some that try to jump from the pond. The shallower the water is, the more likely this is to happen. The right netting can help keep fish from jumping out. Laguna Pond Netting has medium 1/2" mesh, which is perfect for keeping fish where they belong.

Predator control
Other animals, like cats, raccoons, or wading birds (think herons, cranes, and egrets), can eat fish or seriously injure them. To help keep that from happening, consider keeping your netting on year-round. Netting may not totally protect your valuable fish from predators, but it can be a deterrent. If you are using netting for predator control, large mesh is the ideal choice. Look at the 2" mesh Protection Net. Good netting will be durable and easy to place. Check out our entire pond netting collection to find one that's right for your pond situation.

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