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Prevent Koi Loss Due to Predators

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Pond Predator Control 
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Prevent Koi Loss Due to Predators
You have designed and set up a beautiful pond and stocked it with prized koi and pond plants. One challenge you may encounter is controlling wildlife that may threaten your fish and plants. There are a wide variety of products available to help prevent loss. Consider the "Three R's" to prevent loss due to predators.

Provide a safe RETREAT for koi with a Koi Kastle. Predators cannot eat your fish if they cannot catch or find them! The Koi Kastle is an underwater shelter placed on the bottom of the pond that creates a secure haven from predators. Also, make sure your pond has plenty of floating vegetation and structures for your fish to hide under.

REPEL unwanted animals away with ultrasonic devices, sprays and chemical repellents, and decoys. Spray repellents use smell and taste to ward off unwanted visitors like deer, squirrels, and raccoons. For best results, they should be applied frequently, especially after rain. Herons are big threats to pond inhabitants. Since Herons are territorial, the use of a heron decoy will make it appear that your pond has already been claimed. Owl decoys may help deter other predators who wouldn't risk being attacked by another natural predator. For the best results, the decoys should be moved often so the predators don't catch on!

RELOCATE predators with traps. The Easy Set Thumb Traps are designed to humanely capture and hold the predator while keeping you safe from the trapped animal. Providing an alternative food source away from the pond will help to draw predators away as well.

Don't wait to experience a loss - predator-proof your pond today!

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