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Keep Your Pond Upkeep Simple

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Pond Maintenance
Pruning Tool
Pruning Tool
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Pond Mini Vac
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Drs. Foster and Smith WaterGarden Outfitters Pond Vacuum XPV
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Keep Your Pond Upkeep Simple
Before installing your pond, consider access to electrical supply, water sources, and drainage. Easy access to utilities helps simplify pond care. Also, installing a bottom drain is a key timesaver. A bottom drain is the fastest and most effective way to remove organic waste materials from the bottom of your pond or to remove water for a partial water change. Once your pond is installed, retrofitting a bottom drain can be a time-consuming project.
Schedule, Organize & Divide
It's time to get ready for summer pond care. Make it easy on yourself by remembering a simple acronym: SOD, which stands for Schedule, Organize, and Divide.

Set aside a specific period of time devoted to maintenance. Create a special "pond" calendar and mark when you need to replace chemical and mechanical media. Other scheduled maintenance tasks can include checking filter, pump, and UV clarifier operation, testing water parameters, trimming and fertilizing your pond plants as well as renewing mosquito control products.

Keep an inventory of current pond maintenance products. Basic pond products to have on hand include nets, gloves, pruning tools, water conditioners, fertilizer for plants, algae control products, and filter media. Use this list to create a "wish list." Include products you need as well as new timesaving products you wish you had last year. Consider different sizes of nets, chest waders, or even a pond vacuum. Remember to locate these products in one dedicated area so you'll have everything you need when you need it.

Keep your maintenance projects simple and realistic. You will be more successful by dividing larger projects into several manageable projects. Smaller, frequent upkeep is less stressful for you and is healthier for your pond inhabitants. For example, accumulated debris is cumbersome and messy to remove. However, by removing debris as it makes its way into your pond, you keep maintenance simple and help maintain optimum filter performance and water quality.

Remember - simple is efficient. When you keep pond care easy, you have a healthier pond and more time to enjoy it.


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