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Macaw Macawf the 328 species of parrots, the Macaw represents 17 living and 7 extinct species. Included in these numbers are the popular Blue-and-Yellow, Scarlet, and Hyacinth Macaws. With a natural habitat extending from Mexico to South America, the Macaw has one of the most extensive ranges of all parrots.
Gregarious by nature, individuals are flock-oriented. They have a very structured routine that includes foraging and preening during the day followed by moving to carefully selected "sleep trees" at night. A popular place to observe macaws in the wild is the Tambopata clay lick in Peru - not only the largest of all known clay licks, but the only one that Blue-and-Yellow Macaws are known to frequent. In total, 6 species of macaws have been counted at Tambopata, including the endangered Scarlet Macaw. Today's macaws available for the pet industry come mainly from private breeders as importation is closely regulated by the C.I.T.E.S. agreement. Of the 17 living macaw species, 11 are threatened with extinction in the wild.
Interesting Facts:
Species: Macaw
Habitat: Mexico & South America except most of Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina
Behavior: Friendly, curious and very intelligent
Family: Psittacine
Genus: Ara, Anodorhynchus, Cyanopsitta, Diopsittaca
Size: From 12" (Hahn's/ Noble Macaw) to 40" (Hyacinth Macaw)
Diet: Nuts, some fruits/greens
Endangered: 11 of 17 species highly threatened. 7 species regulated for importation.
Special Needs: Require more fat in diet than other parrots.
Owner Challenges: Parrots are messy eaters - the bigger, the messier. Providing adequate interaction and stimulation (enrichment).
Life Span: 35 - 80 years, sometimes longer.
Average Cost: $500 for smaller macaws, up to $2,500 for larger and rarer macaws.
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