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Welcoming Home Your First Bird

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Bird Care Tips to Help Your New Bird Thrive at Home 
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Baby Steps: The Basics of Hand-feeding and Weaning 
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Before you bring your bird home make sure you have everything you need Welcoming home your first bird
You've done your research, chosen the perfect bird to complement your lifestyle and personality, and now you're ready to bring him home. But before you do, make sure you have everything you'll need to help make his transition into your home a happy, healthy, low-stress experience.

The proper cage

When choosing a cage - whether a small, medium, large, or extra-large aviary (flight) cage - know the space and flight requirements of your chosen bird, then consider the following general guidelines:

 Flight Cage
Bigger is better - always lean towards a larger cage if you're unsure. Just make sure that the cage bars are spaced narrowly enough to prevent escape and/or injury.
A cage that allows your bird room to comfortably perch at your chest level will make him feel secure, yet appropriately subordinate to you.
The door must be large enough for you to comfortably catch, remove, and replace your bird, and should include an escape-proof latch.
Square and rectangular cages are more spacious and include fewer nooks and crannies than other cages, making them safer for your bird and easier for you to clean.

Cable Comfy Perches Cage accessories

The right accessories truly make your bird's cage a comforting home. To ensure foot and muscle health, provide an assortment of perches in various styles and sizes. For easy access to food and water, choose adequately sized, easy-to-remove dishes or feeders and waterers. To comfort your bird and easily convey the concept of sleep - and quiet-time - consider a cage cover. And last - but definitely not least - select a large quantity and variety of toys to make your bird's cage an entertaining, stimulating place in which to spend time.

The right things for a great start

Whether your new feathered friend is a Canary, Conure, or Cockatoo, you will want to preface his arrival with the purchase of the equipment and tools he will need to stay happy, healthy, and safe. We wish you a fun, enlightening relationship with your new pet.

... further enhance your bird's quality of life:
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