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Play Gyms, Beneficial fun for your bird

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Your Bird's Health 

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Perches & Playstands
Dragonwood Single and Multi-Branch Perches
Dragonwood Single and Multi-Branch Perches
As low as $5.94
Cable Comfy Perch
Cable Comfy Perch
As low as $4.24
Manzanita Perches
Manzanita Perches
As low as $7.64
Play Gyms: Convenient, Constructive Fun for Your Bird
Play gyms, also called playstands and playpens, dramatically impact your bird's ongoing health and happiness. By providing consistent mental and physical stimulation, play gyms satisfy your bird's extreme intelligence and curiosity.

ithout constructive activities, your bird will find his own "fun" - screaming, feather picking, chewing on your woodwork, shredding your drapes, etc. These undesirable behaviors not only frustrate you, they clearly indicate a bored, often unhealthy bird. In fact, birds lacking play opportunities can become withdrawn and depressed. A play gym offers a simple, practical solution to providing essential exercise and entertainment.

Make any room a play room
Thanks to a variety of styles, play gyms fit virtually any room. Tabletop models such as the Pyramid Play Gym let you set up a recreation center in any room with a sizeable flat surface.

Get closer to your bird
Play gyms bring you physically and emotionally closer to your feathered friend. As you bring your bird into your living space, you ultimately strengthen your bond. Freestanding, moveable play gyms like the Round Parrot Playstand let you share virtually any space.

Boost out-of-cage safety
If your bird spends any time outside of his cage, a play gym is a wise investment. You'll promote safe behavior while preventing damage to your possessions. With a safe, acceptable playtime environment, your bird will increasingly stay off of potentially dangerous surfaces and away from hazardous objects like power cords.

Customize playtime
In addition to perches, ladders, and more, play gyms frequently include loops or hooks for hanging your bird's favorites. And you can always swap out toys and treats to maximize variety and further enhance playtime. The Cockatiel/Small Parrot Playstand includes 8 toy/treat hooks. Hang a piñata, a Block Knots Hanging Toy, or treat sticks - the possibilities are unlimited.

Pyramid Play Gym with Base Round Parrot Playstand Play Tower
Even the smallest play gym ensures big playtime fun. With irresistible toys and treats in his very own play space, your bird will play away the hours while spending time closer to you.
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