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Nano Cube Aquariums

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Top 10 Tips for Small Aquarium Success 
Stocking a Small Aquarium 
Aquascaping Nano Reef Aquariums 
Nano Aquariums
JBJ Rimless Aquarium and Stand Kits
JBJ Rimless Aquarium and Stand Kits
As low as $479.99
Red Sea MAX NANO Reef System - White
Red Sea MAX NANO Reef System - White
As low as $925.00
24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium w/FREE Nano Cube Stand
24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium w/FREE Nano Cube Stand
As low as $219.99
Nano Reef

Aquarium packages can make set up of a first aquarium simple. Using foolproof, matching components, these aquariums let beginners discover a rewarding hobby before moving up to a larger system.

Nano Cube Next Generation LED Aquariums

The new trend is to use aquariums specifically designed for housing live rock and corals such as the Coralife BioCube Aquarium System.

The versatile Nano allows your choice of dramatic aquascaping of freshwater plants, driftwood, or for the advanced hobbyist, live rock, and low light corals. Rounded corners offer a seamless panoramic view from all angles, and since it is constructed of clear-view glass, not acrylic, it is resistant to scratching or clouding over time. Better yet, the Nano Cube features multi-stage filtration and a full-spectrum lighting system strong enough for advanced hobbyists to make this small wonder their first choice for nano reef systems.

Expert or beginner, you will reduce product research and set up time by investing in a small aquarium kit like the Nano Cube. Quiet, compact, easy to maintain – the hardest decision you'll have to make is how to stock and aquascape it.

nano reefs
You love the ocean, and the thought of having a bit of it to look at every day fills you with calm. But, all the reef aquariums you’ve seen have been big including the cost. What do you do? Consider setting up and maintaining a desktop miniature reef system that houses mini-invertebrates, also known as a nano reef. A nano reef system is a small aquarium less than 20 gallons.

not for everyone
Small-volume aquariums also demand special attention. Changes in water quality, temperature, and fish stress levels become more pronounced in aquariums with less than 20 gallons. We recommend that you follow the tips at right in order to succeed.

Although more demanding than freshwater aquariums, a nano reef is a beautiful and rewarding project whether at home or at the office.

Coralife BioCube Aquarium Systems

tips for a SUCCESSFUL nano reef

  • Purchase an aquarium kit with integrated filtration and lighting built in. Each component is a perfect fit; you'll just need to decide on an appropriate heater.
  • Avoid overpopulation - select the smallest fish possible, taking into consideration their adult or maximum size and introduce only a few fish at a time over a period of several weeks.
  • Let nature work for your aquarium's health. Use live rock and/or sand to supplement and foster natural biological filtration.
  • Small-volume aquariums are susceptible to fluctuating water quality, making daily testing and observation an absolute necessity.
  • Perform small water changes of about 10-20% weekly to help maintain good water quality.
  • To avoid algae and to keep your fish healthy and stress-free, change your filter media according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • In small enclosed ecosystems, little problems can quickly become big problems. Observe daily, test often, and always remedy the problems you discover within the same day.

For a selection of fish, corals, and live rock selected specifically for nano aquariums, check out


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