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Dr Tim's Aquatics Quick Reference Guide

Importance of Water Changes in Aquariums 
How to Clean Your Acrylic Aquarium Without Scratching 
Aquarium Maintenance Tips 
Aquarium Maintenance
Acrylic Safe Mag-Float
Acrylic Safe Mag-Float
As low as $5.89
CPR Aquatic Smart Feeder Aquarium Fish Feeder
CPR Aquatic Smart Feeder Aquarium Fish Feeder
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Python Squeeze Siphon Attachment
Python Squeeze Siphon Attachment
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Dr Tim's Aquatics Quick Reference Guide
Situation One &
Clear-UP Re-FRESH Eco-
Detoxify Tapwater              
Remove Chlorine              
Remove Chloramines              
High Ammonia              
High Nitrite              
New Tank Syndrome              
When Adding Fish              
Cloudy Water              
After Changing Water              
Have Dirty Surfaces              
Have Cyanobacteria              
Have Brown Diatoms              
Have Algae Problems              
Have Dirty Gravel              
Fish Are Lethargic              
When Treating Fish              
After Fragging Corals              
Coral RTD
(rapid tissue necrosis)
Have Waste Build-Up              
Have Smelly Water              
Regular Maintenance              

Primary Product Choice Second of Follow-up Product Choice

Dr Tim's Aquatics products are based on real science that bring real solutions and real results to fish keeping. Below is a brief description of our products that are available for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquaria. Product sizes range from 2 to 128 ounces.

Our flagship product is the One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria. Used by professionals such as the London Aquarium, SeaLife Aquarium in Carlsbad, CA and Phoenix, AZ and Shark Reef in Las Vegas as well as the California Science Center in Los Angeles and many other public aquaria this product has no rival. One and Only is different than other bacteria products as our bacteria are grown on a substrate instead of free swimming which means the bacteria stay active longer in the bottle and work faster once poured into the aquarium. It is shelf stable (does not need to be refrigerated) and clearly date labeled so you know exactly what you are getting - it is the only bacteria grown by Dr Tim.

First Defense is a fish stress relief agent with immunostimulants and vitamins to support the immune system and help fish cope with the stress of transport, netting, bagging etc. Great to add after a water change, to your bagging solution and when doing a freshwater dip of marine fish. It adds a buffer, has a slime coat replacement, and gets rid of chlorine and chloramines while detoxifying heavy metals.

Re-FRESH is a mixture of beneficial microorganisms that work to keep the aquarium water and surfaces clean and looking fresh. Re-FRESH also reduces organics and gets rid of aquarium scum and cyanobacteria. Re-FRESH fights algae and slime, naturally, while being non-harmful to plants.

Eco-Balance uses friendly probiotic bacteria to restore and maintain a balanced aquarium while reducing the numbers of bad bacteria - resulting in a clean, healthy aquarium environment. Eco-Balance for marine and reef tanks attacks various species of Vibrio that are pathogenic to fish and corals while the freshwater version attacks common disease causing bacteria of freshwater fish.

Waste-Away is a concentration of beneficial bacteria that dissolve the sludge and other organics (dissolved and particulate) in an aquarium unclogging gravel & coral beds, keeping filter pads freely flowing longer resulting better water flow, more oxygen and a healthier aquarium. Waste-Away gets rid of the source of nutrients (nitrate and phosphate) that cause cyanobacteria and algae.

Clear-UP is a 100% natural water clarifier. It will clear up cloudy white aquarium water without using the toxic chemicals that are in the most common water clarifying products. It does not contain alum (which contains aluminum) or polyacrylamide (which is toxic when overdosed).

AquaCleanse a tapwater detoxifier that permanently removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines but does not have a bad smell and will not drastically drop the pH.

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