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Dog Toys Overview

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Safe Toys for Home Alone Dogs 
Dental Toy & Treat Selection Guide 
Dog Toys Overview 
Squeak N Grunters Dog Toys
Squeak N Grunters Dog Toys
As low as $12.99
Giggler Plush Hedgehog
Giggler Plush Hedgehog
As low as $4.99
Dog It Mind Games Interactive Toy for Dogs
Dog It Mind Games Interactive Toy for Dogs
As low as $14.99
Choose the Perfect Toy

Picking the right toy for your dog isn't always easy. It may take a little trial and error before you find that perfect toy your dog just won't leave alone.

Below we've tried to summarize the different kinds of toys to help you find "the one."

Plush dog toys
Made of fleece, plush fabric; retains dog's scent for extended play; some have squeakers; great for fetch, other dogs just like to carry soft or plush toys around and snuggle.

Rubber dog toys
Great jaw and mouth exercise for dogs that like to chew; keeps them occupied for hours; fun for fetch or non-interactive play; great for aggressive chewers because they are so durable. Some are hollow so you can put treats inside of them for extra fun.

Vinyl dog toys
Easily compressed by the bite of just about any-sized dog; usually have squeakers that almost all dogs enjoy; great for fetch.

Rope dog toys
Great for fetch, tug games, and chewing. Good for teeth and gums, they often last a long time.

Rawhide chews and bones
Entertain your dog and keep him occupied with chew toys and rawhide. Chewing rawhide removes plaque from the dog's teeth and keeps them cleaner while the dog has a great time chewing; come in many flavors, sizes and shapes - from bones to chews.

Bone-Hard Toys & Chews
Great for dogs who love to chew; good for the teeth since they remove plaque and are nonabrasive; relieve boredom; come in various flavors and sizes. Nylabones are a long-lasting chew toy, as well as other bone-hard chew toys.

Many dogs are surprisingly finicky about the size, shape, or feel of the toys they'll play with. If your dog doesn't play with the soft plush toy you give him, try a rubber or bone-hard toy. Be patient and don't give up - you'll find the toy type your pet loves to play with.

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