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Winter Healthcare Guide

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Winter Safety for Outdoor Dogs 
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Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs 
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Winter means shorter days and longer nights, drier air and colder temperatures. It also means adjustments in your care routine to maintain the health of your pet. Here's how to ensure the quality of your dog's life, from snowball to daffodil time.

Keep your dog active

To keep your dog stimulated and prevent boredom through the colder months, play more often with him indoors. Get new toys and rotate them every couple of days. This is also a great time to train him and teach new commands or tricks. Your dog also needs fresh air and the opportunity to run. Many breeds, especially miniatures and shorthairs, do not tolerate cold weather well. Properly clothed in jacket and boots, your dog will be more eager to enjoy time with you outdoors.

Provide a warm, comfortable bed

Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping and resting, especially on long winter nights. Our Quilted Super Deluxe Beds provide exceptional comfort and support. All dogs, especially older and arthritic, find relief from sore muscles on our orthopedic beds and pads. For extra warmth, we recommend a heating bed or heated pet pad.

Maintain a thorough grooming routine

With reduced outdoor activity, nails that aren't getting worn down on pavement require extra attention. Also, recognize that dry, warm indoor air dries your dog's skin, eyes, and ears. Prevent skin and haircoat from drying out with nutritional supplements like our Vitacoat® Plus. By bathing your dog regularly with our Premier System® or Oatmeal Shampoos you can keep his skin healthy and loosen dead hair.

Keep vaccinations and preventive medications current

During winter, allergies can actually become worse for pets sensitive to dust mites or other indoor allergens. Regular use of our Vitacaps® helps prevent his skin from drying. Our Itch Stop relieves problems with excessive scratching. And don't forget checkups and vaccinations. Schedule your next veterinarian visit now.

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