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25 Treats Your Dog Will Love

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
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Dog Treat Selection Guide 
Treats & Bones
Drs. Foster and Smith Premium Natural Biscuit Dog Treats
Drs. Foster and Smith Premium Natural Biscuit Dog Treats
As low as $4.99
Drs. Foster and Smith Chicken or Duck Fillets Dog Treats
Drs. Foster and Smith Chicken or Duck Fillets Dog Treats
As low as $9.99
Drs. Foster and Smith Healthy Snax Sweet Potato Dog Treats
Drs. Foster and Smith Healthy Snax Sweet Potato Dog Treats
As low as $4.99
Healthy Edibles Natural Chews Our Top 25 Treats
Each treat is grouped by its most distinguishing characteristic -
so it's easier for you to choose the best variety for your dog.
natural meat treats - delicious natural and fortified dog treats with a jerky-like quality dogs love. #2 Chicken Fillets, #9 Fruit Wraps

training treats - smaller sizes make these snacks an easy training treat or anytime reward. #10 LiverSnax™, #14 Tasty Snacks, #15 Meaty Treats

healthy biscuits... natural ingredients - biscuits are a staple for most pet pantries - these biscuits are made with the natural ingredients and real meat dogs crave. #1 Premium Biscuits, #23 Crunchy Snacks, #20 Premium Multi-Grain Dog Biscuits

sweet treats dogs love to eat - want to share your love of sweets with your dog? Now you can, but in a tasty healthy way. #18 Pampered Pet Treats

health center - you only wish you would eat this well. And the crazy thing is, they're not only good for him, but your dog will think they're delicious. #6 Sweet Potatoes, #7 Healthy Edibles Natural Chews

pork treats - some dogs just plain love the taste of pork - so in lieu of him sneaking the pork chops off your counter - many customers have found these to work well. #22 Premium Pig Ears, #24 Piggy Pork Hide Treats

protein lovers - for those dogs who crave a treat similar to what their carnivorous ancestors might have eaten. #5 Pizzle Chews, #8 Hickory-Smoked Natural Meaty Bones and Knuckles

premium rawhide - these natural chew treats can benefit your dog in several ways, not the least of which is their natural plaque-scraping power and ability to entertain dogs who love to chew. #11 Super Heavyweight Bones, #13 Natural Premium Rawhide, #21 Twisted Chews Rawhide, #25 Flavored Premium Rawhide

beefeaters and pressed rawhide - high quality natural white rawhide chews and pressed rawhide designed to stand up to the most aggressive chewers. #19 Beefeaters Natural White Rawhide, #4 Pressed Rawhide Bones

rawhide with a meaty twist - a new twist on an old favorite, these delicious rawhide treats contain flavor-filled bacon, beef, and chicken flavored middles. What's not to love? #12 Twizzle Stix, #3 Dingo Rawhide, #16 Dental Scrubbies™

flavorful bones - bumpy texture cleans teeth with every chew, while delicious flavor has dogs begging for one more. #17 Smart Bones

Premium Biscuits Chicken Fillets Dingo Rawhide Sweet Potatoes Healthy Edibles Hickory-Smoked Bones Super Heavyweight Bones Twizzle Stix Natural Premium Rawhide Pressed Rawhide Pizzle Chews Fruit Wraps LiverSnax™ Tasty Snacks® Meaty Treats t
Dental Scrubbies Smart Bones Pampered Pet Dog Treats Twisted Chews Premium Pig Ears Meaty Wraps® Beefeaters® Natural White Rawhide Premium Multi-Grain Dog Biscuits Piggy Pork Hide Treats Flavored Premium Rawhide
TREATS: Practice variety
Your dog's treat regimen should have plenty of variety. That's because your pet benefits a number of ways from different kinds of treats:

Dental treats massage gums and clean teeth

Training treats are small and quickly consumed so your dog does not become distracted from training tasks
Meaty treats satisfy your pet's carnivorous cravings

All-natural treats are ideal for dogs with allergies or times when you need to reduce calories

Soft treats are great for the puppy stage or for the senior stage


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