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LeBistro Portion Control Feeder
LeBistro Portion Control Feeder
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Four Square Double Diner
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Drs. Foster and Smith Westport Stoneware Small Double Feeder
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What you get when you buy Drs. Foster and Smith foods What you get when you buy Drs. Foster and Smith foods
We introduced our Signature Series pet foods in 2003 to raise the bar in pet food quality. In developing our foods, we consulted with veterinary nutritionists and pet food analysts, meshing their insights with our own veterinary experience to create better formulas.

Comments From Our Customers
I have tried at least 10 types of food to find a quality food that my dog would eat. I decided to try the Drs. Foster & Smith Dry Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Formula. My dog loves it. Quality food with no by-products and the pieces are a perfect size. Thanks at last!
Lynlee – Saline, MI

Our Rat Terrier puppy loves this food. We switched him over from the food the breeder was using. We mixed to help him adjust. Even after mixing, he would eat Drs. Foster & Smith food first and the other food after. His coat is amazing... very shiny. I definitely recommend this food.
John – Minneapolis, MN

My dogs really enjoy this food. No more adding gravy or bacon fat to get them to eat. The best part is it is shipped to my door.
Marty – Baraboo, WI

THE RESULTS were formulas designed specifically to help give pets increased energy, improved muscle tone, healthier skin and coat, and better disease resistance. Although we knew this would require using higher quality ingredients – and therefore cost a little more – we took the risk.

When we wound up on Whole Dog Journal's (WDJ) list of Top New Dry Foods in 2003, we knew we had succeeded in our goal. Their selection process is stringent and excludes many popular brands. We've remained a WDJ-approved dry food ever since.

What's in our food?
Real meat is crucial for dogs and cats because it's the most natural and most easily digested protein source for them. Animal protein is the first ingredient in all of our dog formulas. Plus, our formulas also include whole grains, real vegetables and fruit, and vitamins and minerals. Better still, we use no artificial flavors, colors, additives, or preservatives, and all our formulas meet or far exceed all AAFCO-established minimum values.

How our food is produced
Our production facility consistently produces our foods to the highest quality standards. They didn't balk when we insisted our foods be processed in smaller production runs more frequently to ensure they arrive to you with maximum freshness, flavor, and nutrition. No long-term warehouse storage, which causes food to lose nutritional value.

Compare ours to others
Compare our Adult Dry Chicken and Brown Rice dog formula to some of the "better" foods commonly purchased by pet owners. Looking for a formula with real chicken and chicken meal, not by-products? Ours has no meat by-products. Hill's Science Adult Chicken & Rice and Eukanuba Medium Breed Adult both use chicken by-product meal. Looking for added skin-benefiting Omega-3 fatty acids? Our foods contain marine fish oils, rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Plus, we use chelated minerals when necessary for better absorption.

Meets pets' differing life stage needs
Since one size doesn't fit all, we've developed formulas to target specific life stages. Like extra protein for growth demands in Puppies and Kittens, lower fat in our Lite formulas, and increased fiber for Seniors.

Dr. Marty Smith and Dr. Race Foster
"You can trust every bag of our premium dog and cat foods to deliver maximum nutrition and the quality and freshness your pet deserves."
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